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Duration 180 Hours

Training IOT

Course Information

The Internet of thingsis the internetworking of physical devices, vehicles (also referred to as "connected devices" and "smart devices"), buildings, and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data. IOT training course includes and discuss about IoT markets, technology, trends, planning, design and the convergence of platforms and services.


Embedded engineers with knowledge of a basic Electronics, any microprocessor or microcontroller.

B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech Freshers

Course Contents

Microcontrollers and Sensors
  • Understanding basic electronic components.
  • Designing embedded systems
  • Interfacing different kind of sensors with microcontrollers
  • Controlling and interfacing Integrated Circuits with microcontrollers
  • Programming using Embedded C
  • IoT using Arduino
  • Using Ethernet module to access internet
  • Interfacing and controlling GSM modem with microcontroller
  • Implementing IoT systems using Arduino
  • Using third party IoT Libraries and Platforms
  • M2M communication over LAN
  • M2M communication over internet
  • Raspberry Pi
  • SOCs and Embedded OS
  • Basics of Embedded Linux and Python
  • Integrating Electronic modules with Raspberry Pi
  • Integrating web services with your program
  • Understanding and implementing IoTprotocalls – MQTT, CoAP
  • Wireless Technologies
  • Bluetooth (In Depth)
  • ZigBee
  • Wifi Module
  • Accessing internet through GSM
  • ESP 8266